Fall Electric Heat Tune-Up

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Fall Electric Heat Tune-Up Check Sheet


fan coil

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_____*Change or wash customer provided air filter

_____*Inspect service disconnect and wiring

_____*Inspect indoor coil and drain pan Clean _____ Dirty _____

_____*Check duct work if accessible

_____*Clean blower compartment

_____*Inspect air handler wiring and circuitry

_____*Check blower motor bearings and oil if necessary

_____*Check blower motor current flow _____Amp

_____*Check electric heat sequencers

_____*Check electric heating elements _____ Kw

_____ *Amp

_____*Check thermostat operation Room Temp ______F Display Temp _______F

_____*Check temperature difference

Return Air Temp _____F Supply Air Temp _____F Temperature Difference _____F           Additional




Comments:     Tech Name ______________Date______________    

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