Furnace Repair in Denison, Texas 

Cold winter nights are often the worst time for a furnace to fail. If the home is snowed in, those poor weather conditions can extend the time it takes for a technician to reach the house for repairs. Taking the necessary steps to prevent situations like these save both time and frustration.

How can a homeowner recognize when a furnace is starting to have issues? While most heating-related emergencies will occur during the winter months, homeowners can be more proactive before requiring expensive furnace repair. Here are some things to look for that will help catch a heating issue early on.

Signs a Furnace Needs Maintenance

It’s always helpful to know when furnace repair services in Texoma, should be scheduled. The Winter months will be some of the busiest times of the year. HVAC professionals see a lot of emergency repairs and furnace replacements during these months. There may also be delays in booking appointments and emergency service delays during the winter.

Noticing the warning signs that a furnace is experiencing an issue will help avoid being without heat. Scheduling routine furnace tune-ups will help prevent costly repairs too. Here are some signs that can tell homeowners their furnace needs checked out. 

  • Pilot Light is Yellow/Orange. When a pilot light burns at the correct temperature, it will be blue. If there is a yellow or orange color to the flame, the gas isn’t burning properly. There could be an issue with the gas line or the furnace not operating correctly. A carbon monoxide leak is a significant risk when this happens.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detected. Homeowners should always take carbon monoxide seriously. Carbon monoxide leaks can be toxic to both the home and the family. A problem with the ventilation system or a gas leak will be the first thing an HVAC technician looks for when dealing with carbon monoxide.
  • Fan Stays On. A fan running continuously in a furnace can be caused by various situations but is commonly due to human error. There could also be a problem with the home’s thermostat not communicating correctly with the furnace.
  • Steam or Puddles in Basement. If the home’s furnace is in the basement, this could be beneficial knowledge for the homeowner. Water pooling in the basement, an abundance of steam, or water condensation on the walls can indicate the heating system may have a leak. A faulty valve could also cause excess water in the basement.
  • Lack of Warm Air From Vents. A lack of warmth in the air coming from the furnace’s ventilation is an obvious sign there is a problem. If the furnace has stopped cranking out hot air, ts pilot light could be to blame. It is always wise to have a certified technician handle any repairs involving the pilot system of a furnace.
  • Dust, Dust, and More Dust. The older a furnace gets, the more debris and dust it will collect over time. Dust may not be an obvious sign that the home’s furnace has a problem, but the furnace should still get checked by a certified HVAC technician. If an unusual amount of dust has begun collecting on surfaces around the home, an HVAC technician can help clean the ventilation of dust, debris, and dander.
  • Rotten Egg and Foul Odors. The most common sign that a homeowner should schedule furnace repairs in Texoma, is foul smells coming from the system. Natural gas is the most common fuel for furnaces in homes and is odorless, so utility companies add a chemical (called mercaptan) that smells like rotten eggs to alert homeowners of leaks. Homeowners should take these smells seriously in the home and play it safe by calling their HVAC specialist.

An HVAC specialist can help homeowners diagnose and repair problems with their furnaces. Knowing when to call them is just as important as knowing who to call for furnace repairs.

Who to Call for Furnace Repairs

Furnace and HVAC systems can be expensive to repair. Relying on a certified technician in the Texoma area will help cut those repair costs. Getting repair estimates from multiple technicians will help save money and time too.

When dealing with any severity of appliance repair, it is always best to hire a certified and insured technician. Checking online reviews can also help narrow the search for a trustworthy HVAC technician.

Don’t let your home go without heat when you need it most this winter. Call All Seasons HVAC Services for a free estimate and any information you have about your furnace ASAP. All Seasons HVAC Services will help you stay warm this winter.

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