Heat Pump Repair in Denison, Texas

Heat pumps operate differently than air conditioners and furnaces, even though they heat and cool homes. Keeping a heat pump operating at its prime will help homeowners avoid headaches with breakdowns. When breakdowns begin to occur, calling professional HVAC technicians becomes necessary. By learning about the signs of problems, homeowners in Texoma can take action and seek professional help for heat pump repair. 

How Do Heat Pumps Heat & Cool Homes?

Heat pumps are one of the most energy-efficient means of heating and cooling a home. During the summer, these units pump warm air from the home, cool it, and send it back inside via a fan blower. During the winter, heat pumps reverse this process and send warm air into the home, keeping each room warm and cozy. 

Heat pumps can save homeowners money because they do not require fuel to operate. Studies have shown heat pumps can heat a home with a cost reduction of around 50% over furnaces. Efficiency is one of the many reasons many homeowners in Texas select heat pumps for their homes. 

Signs of Heat Pump Performance Issues

While heat pumps are less likely to break down with proper maintenance, wear and tear may still occur. The following are some of the signs homeowners can expect to experience when they need to call professionals for heat pump repair. 

  • Frozen coils indicate a problem in the function of a heat pump. This issue most often occurs because of a dirty air filter. Frozen coils can also happen when a unit’s refrigerant levels are too low. The levels of refrigerant should never drop. If the levels drop, this means there is a leak. 
  • Airflow is essential for the normal function of a heat pump. If the airflow becomes restricted, homeowners will begin to notice a drop in the level of comfort. Call an HVAC professional and schedule heat pump repair services in Texoma.  
  • When a heat pump begins making odd noises, such as excessive clicking, it is time to call for repairs. While clicking is normal during defrosting, the system should not stay in this mode for more than five to ten minutes. If the clicking sounds go beyond fifteen minutes, call for repairs. 
  • If the auxiliary heat is staying on frequently, this could be a sign of problems. While it is perfectly normal for the AUX heat indicator to come on from time to time, it should not stay on for long. 
  • Rising electricity costs can occur because of heat pump failures. If the costs of heating a home are rising, but the temperatures inside are dropping, homeowners need to have their systems checked. 
  • If the heat pump is blowing out cold air in winter, this issue may result from problems with the reversing valve. Finding the root cause of the cold air and repairing it is the job of an HVAC professional. 

Repair or Replace?

If the above issues are happening frequently and the system is reaching the 15-year mark, it may be time to consider a replacement. Heat pumps do not last forever and need replacing after ten to fifteen years. Although maintenance can help keep a system operating normally for many years, wear and tear take a toll. 

The more a heat pump breaks down, the more damage occurs. Increased deterioration will cause the lifespan of the system to degrade. Once it comes time to have a heat pump replaced, homeowners should rely on HVAC technicians to assist them. 

Hire Professional HVAC Technicians

Hiring a professional HVAC technician is essential when repair issues begin to occur. Homeowners should never take a DIY approach to repairs because they do not have the training, tools, and equipment to handle the work safely and efficiently.  When homeowners attempt to carry out repairs, they sometimes find the problem worsens, and repair expenses increase. HVAC technicians go through years of training to learn how to repair different heat pump systems. 

Technicians deliver repair, maintenance, and installation services. When it comes time to replace an old heat pump, they will help homeowners select a new system to heat and cool their homes. These professionals also offer emergency repair services. Some HVAC companies will come out 24/7 when a homeowner’s heat pump goes out in the middle of the winter. Those who are dealing with heat pump problems should call for a repair appointment today. 

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